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Hello there everyone, and welcome to my web page!  I live in the city of Seattle (The Emerald City), in the State of Washington (The Evergreen State).  I live aboard my sail-boat "Belassis" on Lake Washington, which is just a little south and east of Seattle. Belassis is french for "Beautifully Situated".  I really enjoy living in the Seattle area.  There is so much to see, and do here.  With all of the mountains around us, along with the ocean and beaches near by, also there is always something doing on near by.  Seattle is set between the Olympics and Cascade mountains.  With Elliott bay, and the Puget Sound between the Olympics, and down town Seattle.  And to the east of us are the Cascade Mountains.  The picture is of a dear friend (The divine Ms. D.), and I together at a friends halloween party a couple of years ago.  She is a very special person, and was always there if I needed her.  Thanks again my friend, you are a friend in the very truest form of the word.  Not to mention the fact you have a killer sense of humor.

  Below is a shot of "Belassis" in moorage on Lake Washington, which is a little south and east of Seattle.  She is a 1973 Coronado, and is 27 foot in length.  Lake Washington is 20 miles in length, and gives me access to Lake Union, and the Ballard Locks, which allow me to access Puget Sound and Elliott Bay.  I have been a "live aboard" now for almost 6 years.  I love living aboard my sail boat.  It is so peaceful, and quiet.  Very beautiful, and almost sensual with the gentle rocking.  And I love the "wild life" around this marina.  (Animal types, not human)  Lots of water foul around here, plus there are always plenty of fish.  It is not uncommon to see a large eagle dive down and scoop up a fish  just off of the ends of the docks every now and then.

Here are a few of my favorite photographs for you to enjoy!

Descriptions of my photographs.
 Here are a few on my personal favorite pictures of mine.  Starting with the upper left picture, we have "Belassis" her self.  I keep here moored on Lake Washington the full year around.  "Belassis" is french for "beautifully situated", and has been my home for a number of years now.  The next picture is of the ducks that seem to hang out around the marina.  Spring time around here is when the ducks and geese mate, and raise their young.  It is a very special time of the year around here to see all those young ducks, and geese as they grow up and them leave in late summer.  The next picture is of me at the wheel of a 65 foot Vantari power boat.  This cruise was out on Elliott bay.  We had a blast fishing and crabbing that weekend.  On the top right picture is of my favorite sunset pictures to date.  It is taken off of the stern of Belassis as I cruised through the "Mount lake Cut" between Lake Union, and Lake Washington.  I had just exited the cut, and was on Lake Washington again, and headed back to the marina.

   Lower left picture is of a cactus bloom, as I love to raise flowers, even though I live on a boat.  I have many Lilly's, and etc. to keep me busy.  The next picture is one of Elliott bay at night from Carkeep Park.  You can see the Space Needle in the middle of the picture.  Seattle is a excellent place for photographers with all of the water, mountains, our forests, and beaches.  The next picture is of Elliott bay looking east toward downtown Seattle.  The Space Needle is to the far left, and the King Dome is to the far right.  The lower right picture was taken at "The Gorge at George", which is a natural outdoor amphitheater.  It overlooks the Columbia river, and has been the home to many great concerts over the years.  This was the sun down just before the concert started.  It was a Celine Dion, and Michael Bolton concert, which I was treated to by my good friend "Miss D." for my birthday.  (July the 4th)

Lake Washington and boat racing.
   Lake Washington has long been a home to boat racing.  They race everything from small outboard powered hydroplanes, up to the big unlimited hydroplanes on Lake Washington.  Every year in August Seattle holds "Sea Fair" here.  One of the major events during Sea Fair is the unlimited Hydroplane's making their annual trip to Lake Washington.  There are a number of unlimited hydroplane Teams based out of the pacific north west.  And they use Lake Washington to do their test runs and tuning there.  With many teams based here, and 2 races in the state during the year (The Gold Cup in the Tri-Cities, and then Seattle's Sea Fair race), this area is also a home to many drivers also.  The late Bill Muncey, and some recent champions like Chip Hanauer, and the Evan's brothers to name just a few.  Here are just a few pictures of some of the unlimiteds.  These pictures were scanned by, and belong to Russ McElroy, please be sure to check out his link below. It is an excellent place for hydroplane updates, news, and wav. files.


      "Miss Budweiser"           "Miss T-Plus"     "Miss Winston Eagle"

Mount Rainer
   One of the nice things about living here in Seattle is that there are some wonderful mountains, and mountain ranges, around us.  To the east we have the Cascade mountains, and to the west are the Olympic mountain range.  North of us about 80 or so  miles is Mount Baker, and 50  miles to our south is Mount Rainier.  Mount Rainier is the tallest mountain in the state of Washington at just under 15,000 feet in elevation, and is very visible from the Seattle area.  I just love looking at this mountain because it is so visible.  You can drive almost anywhere in southwestern Washington and still see Mount Rainier.

   These 2 pictures of Mount Rainier were taken by another good friend of mine ("Tom Mallard" a.k.a. "Kite Man"), and you can reach him at WWW.Mallard-design.com, for more information on his pictures, climbing Mount Rainier, or his kite making and other products.  Tom is also a very avid bicyclist, and another kite flyer like myself.  That was how I met him.  Tom and I have flown a lot together.  We have also gone to Long Beach, in Washington state for their annual kite festival in august.  It's a week long kite flyers delight.  One of Tom's favorite kites to make are "fighter kites", he has many.  Myself, I am into single line kites, dual line (aka stunt kites), and quad liners.

   Both Tom and I have flown our kites on this mountain, but him being the climber, he does it near the top, while I use the top of "Crystal Mountain's" ski area.  The chair lift up to the top is a wonderful experience.  There are many places you can stop and visit along your drive around the mountain.  In the near future I will be adding some of my personal pictures of this mountain, and Mount Saint Helen's.  I spent 2 days hiking into see the damage for myself, and got many good pictures.  As soon as I can get them scanned, I will start adding them in.  So check back every now and them to see the new pictures.    


Mount Rainier, as seen from 15 miles away, and as you start to approach the summit of Mount Rainier.

More information about me!
   I am a 45 year old long time divorced white male.  I have a very large sense of humor, and use it as often as I can get away
with it.  I am a native of Washington state, having been born in the town of Wenatchee on 07-04-1952, and raised there until I
graduated from Eastmont High School in 1971.  I enlisted in the US Army in 1971 and served until 1975.  I took basic training at Fort Campbell kentucky (The home of the 101st Airborne Division "Screaming Eagles")  I then moved on to the signal
school at Fort Mommouth New Jersey for photography training.  I stayed on there as permanent party as an instructor in color
photography, until I shipped out to Okinawa.  I was stationed with the 62nd military police company  there, as a photographer and military police investigator.  When my tour of duty was over I decided that I wouldn't "re-up" and become a "lifer"
because the military just isn't known for it's sense of humor on anything, and I was.  I can't stand any one, or anything that
doesn't have a good sense of humor.

   After leaving the Army, I went on to a career in photography, and small engine repair (motorcycles, jet ski's, snowmobiles,
outboards and power equipment).  I have many different hobbies, which include motorcycle riding, kite flying, blues and jazz
music, photography, dancing, camping, fishing, and gardening.  I especially love to grow house plants, and out door plants like star-gazer lilies, roses, daffodils, tulips, calli lilies, cana lilies, and many others.  I have many plants on the boat, as well as a garden here in the marina.  I also grow some of my plants on the deck at the club house here, as well as growing a few of
them on others people's boats who appreciate the plants with out all the work.  Working with my plants is a good form of
relaxation for me.

   Like I said earlier, I have a huge love of music.  Everything from big band stuff, rock and roll, blues, and jazz, and some ne
age stuff.  I am especially fond of the blues thought.  I love to listen to such greats as Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Johnny
Winters, Robert Cray, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Howlin Wolfe, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Doctor John, Etta James, just to name a
few.  I am very fond of any good guitar and saxophone players out there.  I even have a number of albums from foreign artists
as well in my collection.  All together I figure that I have around 2,000 albums, 45's, and LP's all together.

   I love to travel to the ocean, and go kite flying.  I have been an avid kite flyer for years, and try to always pack a kite, and a
camera where ever I go.  Even when I travel abroad.  I have a small kite that I can take any where I go.  I have "stunt" kites up to 16 feet in wingspan.  I always keep at least 2 kites in my car or truck where ever I drive.  I have even been known to strap
one on to my motorcycle and head out from time to time.  You just never know where you will find good wind, or a nice
unusual place to fly.  I really enjoy flying my kites to music if the chance comes up.  I love to do stunts to the music, usually a
good blues tune of some kind.  I love to listen to music doing almost anything.

   At 5' 11'' and 240 lbs, I am sort of a teddy bear with bi-ceps. so to speak.  I tend to be the type of person who is normally
very gentle, and easy to get along with.  I am a very good listener, and people who meet me usually comment on how easy it
is to talk with me.  Most feel that they have known me for a while, instead of just meeting me.  I am a sort of closet comic, and love to make others laugh or smile if possible.  And I can't turn down telling, or hearing a good joke.  I have done some work
as an announcer for a friends local access cable television show, and was a fill in host of the show one night when she was
unable to show up for her show.  She had been in the hospital.  (Love you Kathy.)

   While in the service in Okinawa, I learn the art of massage there.  I have sort of my own style of massage that I picked up
from the best parts of the different massage styles out there.  I don't use any certain style, but instead sort of a best of the rest.
And I can be a rather good cook if I wish to be.  I am especially fond of seafood, and barbecue foods.  I like most foods in
general, but have a thing for Italian, Mexican, Oriental, Mongolian, and good pizza.  Needless to say, I am a real sucker for a
good back massage and home cooked food any time.

   I am the type of person that is very out going, and some what of a closet comic.  I have a super sense of humor, and use it all of the time.  It has served me rather well.  I am a positive person with the attitude "don't tell me I can't, just tell me that I
shouldn't".  I am very independent, and resourceful.  I don't believe in "I can't", and believe that a person is no better than
their words.  I admire honesty, the ability to communicate well, and a person who like me is a giver, and not a taker.  I am a
laid back sort of person.  I am a blue collar worker, and can't remember the last time I wore a suit and tie.  I like jeans, and
flannel shirts, (weather permitting).  I have a huge passion for tye-dyed anything.  I have many T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts,
and more.


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Some quotes I like!
"If idiots could fly, this place would be a freaking airport." "Du Liejst Mir Im Herzen!  (German)"
"Beware the toes that you might step on today, because they maybe attached to the ass you will have to kiss tomorrow." "Dance as if no one can see you, sing like no one can hear you, and love like you have never been hurt before."
"Poor is the person whose pleasure depends on the permission of others!" "Some times it's like playing the those blues, you just have to improvise"
"Open your mouth, and remove all doubt." "A waist is a terrible thing to mind"
"A tranquil city of good laws, fine architecture, and clean streets is like a classroom of obedient dullards, or a field of gelded bulls-- whereas a city of anarchy is a city of promise." - Mark Helprin  "Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying who shall I send, and who will go for us?   Then said I, here am I, send me." 
Isaiah 6:8

Music to browse to!  Please make a selection from the following.
Blues Brothers-Soul Man  Hootie & The Blowfish-Hold My Hand
Carlos Santana-Europa  Kenny Rogers-She Believes In Me
Dire Straits-Sultans of Swing  The Ventures-Pipe Line 
Eric Clapton-Tears In Heaven Under The Board Walk 
Garth Brooks-The Dance  Yanni-The Rain Must Fall 
If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at Belassis@Blarg.net
This web page is dedicated to "Luki", and to "M.L.A".  Long may they live on thru those who they touched."
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