Dog, doughnut, and Space Needle.

Newsflash! Seattle Attacked by Mutant Space Beavers!

The Californian holding pen.

In Seattle, we are occasionally stricken by sunshine. When this happens we gather around artificial rain sources.

Do you think you know Pugetopolis? Where is this?

Winter in Seattle. No, really. It happens. We get winter for about two days a year.

I wrote the above caption in mid-1996: just before we had a real blizzard that December. This is what Seattle looked for that week.

More Seattle winter.

Still more winter.

The Pike Place Market.

Local denizen. He is destitute and homeless, and he spends most of his time cleaning up trash of the Seattle streets. A while ago he found ring that belonged to a pawnshop, and returned it. He didn't even want a reward.

The Hammering Man (another denizen).

This is a picture of what blue sky looks like in Seattle. No, really. Take a picture of the sky, park it on the web, and this is what you get. And people wonder why we like it when it rains ....

Funny-looking orange things in front of a funny-looking UFO-thing.

The Snoqualmie Falls and a bit of the lodge there.

A deer in the Elwa valley.


A while ago the Wells-Medina Nursery was having an outdoor recital, so Linda, her parents, and I went out there.

Can you find the Kayes?