Sundry Pictures

This is from Boston. If you look in the middle you'll see a chess set.

Who spilled the dogs?

Ann Arbor, near the Arb.

Ann Arbor politics.

Seattle politics.

Ann Arbor picnic spot.

When we were in Ann Arbor, there was a Medieval Fair going on. This is from the special Medieval torture exhibit.

Winter in Illinois.

Ice storm in Illinois.

Park lodge up in the Ranier National Park. This was taken in June.

I recently spent a lot of time in San Fransisco. Linda and I got to do a bit of tourist stuff there. This is from a glass shop in Giradelli Square.

In California, I was taking CalTrain into the city.

More CalTrain.

A couple by the Snoqualmie falls. I have no idea who they are, but they're romantic as hell.

Ann Arbor has the best graffitti in the world.