Entirely too many pictures of Linda and myself.
Our Car
Where we live

Ed (me).

This is me (Ed) in my current incarnation. So far this is ... math student in Ann Arbor, accountant in Ann Arbor, math grad student in Milwaukee, math grad student in Champaign-Urbana, stats grad student in Champaing-Urbana, financial report writer in Seattle, statistician in Seattle,... my 7th life.

I contemplate the forest primeval.

Me when I had a lot more hair (life 4).

At Christmas last year.

Linda and I went to San Fransisco a few months ago. This is me looking through colored glass at Giradelli Square.


Linda is a shy beast ....

but can occasionally be photographed when she isn't looking.

Linda photographing herself in the mirror.

Linda photographing San Fransisco.

Linda recently got her hair cut for the first time in a long number of years. Here, she is showing off her new haircut, as well as deperately pretending that there is no camera.

Linda playing with Jenny's dog Kayla.

Linda and I took a trip to the Olympic Penninsula. Linda is photographing a deer up on Hurricane Ridge.

Linda reading on a bed in the Tudor Inn.

Linda taking a dangerous picture by the Snoqualmie Falls.

Linda at the last Folklife.

Linda with her goddaughter Fiona.


Linda and I from a couple of lives ago.

Linda and I with our newest little one.

John Davis, Linda, and I toasting John's arrival to the Pacific Coast.

Our Car.

Recently, Linda and I purchased our first car -- a new Honda Civic DX. The car has recently been christened 'Hypacia'.

Linda next to Hypacia.

Linda in Hypacia.

Where we live.

Where we live, courtesy of Geocities. Follow the red cross.