I've always liked weddings. The first one I went to was Jim and Chris Waurzyniak's (well, almost went to. We had car troubles and didn't make it to the wedding, only the dinner.). I remember feeling it marked a personal passage from college student to adult, that this was an adult celebration as oposed to previous college-student celebrations I had experianced with that same group of friends.

Even after Linda and I had been living together for four years before our wedding, the public profession of our love had a profound and deeply moving effect on me.

Ed and Linda

Ron and Tammy

Chuck and Jan

Tom and Karen

Ed and Linda's Wedding (January 2, 1993)

"You may kiss the bride ..." The tail end of our wedding. In the picture: Karen ,Linda, Ed, John.

This is the Church (the University Chapel of Michigan State University) where Linda and Ed got married. Interesting place. Had stained-glass windows dedicated to Industry, Commerce, things like that. It also had small bricks from famous churches in Europe. Since the chaple was built just after WWII, I can guess where they got the souvenirs from.

Ed and Linda fighting over the wedding cake (a dark choclate cheesecake).

Amy in bliss over said cheesecake.

This is from the wedding dinner. Amy, the back of my sister's head, Tom, and Paul. Lynnette in the background. Also paintings. These paintings were glaring down at us from all over the dining room, but didn't seem to put anybody off their feed.

People from the wedding. In the picture: Amy, Tony, Mark, John, Cate, Paul, Kenlyn.

Ron (Linda's Brother) and Tammy's Wedding

Apologies: The photographs came out very dark and the scanning process put a lot of red into the pictures. I tried to correct things as much as possible. Tammy's dress is supposed to be white, not the pink or blue it shows up here as. Let me know if it looks *just wrong* and I'll try again.

Ron and Tammy.

More Ron and Tammy. This is the color the dress actually was.

While most people were busy photographing Ron and Tammy, I got interested in the proccess of photographing weddings.

This is one of the wall hangings from the church Ron and Tammy were married in. Is it just me, or does this look a whole lot like comic book art?
"Jesus Christ, Super-Hero!" "Wonder-Christ Powers: Activate!"

The three Kaye siblings: Ron, Linda, Larry.

Ron talking about legendary baseball pitcher Mil Famy.


Chuck and Jan's Wedding

Chuck and Jan in their natural element.

More of the natural element. The wedding was held in Los Alamos, NM. NM features spectacular and often unearthly scenery.

The wedding group. The group has too many people who's name I've forgotten.

One of the most spectacular parts of the wedding trip was white-water rafting. There are actually six people in the raft. No, you can't see the other one. If you'll look closely, you'll see that I'm not entirely in the raft when the picture was taken (I'm in back).

Tom and Karen's Wedding

In the summer of 1997, Linda and I went up the Fairbanks, AK to go to the wedding of long-time friends Tom Yershenski and Karen Remik. We liked AK a lot and have nebulous plans to go back ( although I managed to talk Linda out of going back during the winter solstice.

The wedding was held on the Summer Solstice, on top of a -- well, really large hill in AK, a mountain most places. A little on the spectacular side.

Amy in Alaska.

Linda and I in Alaska.

Amy and I at the wedding.

Jeffry, one of Tom and Karen's friends that Linda and I rather liked.

Tom and Karen themselves.