Logan Bender TA logo Technical Artist

I am a technical artist with over 20 years of experience in games. I believe in iteration and efficiency in art pipelines, and make art tools to facilitate this. I enjoy building animator friendly character rigs, scripting time saving tools, and troubleshooting workflow issues with engineers and finding out why things break. I have worked with all major software packages found in game content development. I have experience with Unity, Unreal, and various custom engines. I have Shipped games for PC, Web, Console and mobile platforms.


Coding tools for 3D Studio Max, Maya, Flash, Photoshop, and Unity. Game Character Rigging in 3DS Max and Maya. Illustration, animation, modeling, texture mapping, UI.


3DS Max, Maya, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Painter, Unity, Unreal, Perforce, Custom Engines, Visual Studio, VS code, PyCharm, Alienbrain, SVN, Git, Scaleform (and More…)


C#, Python, Max Script, Mel, Batch / Bash scripting, Java Script, Unity CG.


“Would you like a button for that?”

Work Experience



Leigh Kellogg, Art Director, Disney Interactive leigh.kellogg@gmail.com

Ken Proudfoot, Lead Technical Artist, Disney Interactive kproudfoot@cgiguys.com

Andrew Kelts, Technical Artist, Volition kelts@levelonemagic.com

Nate Conlan, Art Manager, Studio Vortex at IGT - usconlans@frontier.com

Geoffrey Nelson, President, Cricket Moon Media - geoff@cricketmoonmedia.com