Hands-on math! Fractions and Decimals
  1. Fraction Multiplication
  2. Fraction Addition-same denominators
  3. Fraction Subtraction-same denominators
  4. Fraction Division
  5. Fractions-changing denominators
  6. Fraction Addition-different denominators (Part 1)
  7. Fraction Addition-different denominators (Part 2)
  8. Fractions-factoring
  9. Fractions-reducing to lowest terms
  10. Fractions-mixed numbers
  11. Fractions-multiplying mixed numbers
  12. Introduction to Decimals
  13. Decimal Addition
  14. Decimal Subtraction
  15. Decimal Multiplication
  16. Decimal Division

The graphics and HTML for these fraction and decimal drills were produced by former students of our Advanced Math Program:
Cuong La, Hai Nguyen, and Phu Khanh Tran. Copyright, 1997. Don McQuinn