To all Advanced Math students:

This package contains drills on fraction and decimal arithmetic. If you complete all these drills, you will be well on your way for the Advanced Math Class! Here's what we want you to do:
  1. Work each unit in order. Work as many problems are you can in as many units as you can. You don't have to work all the problems in every unit. Please don't use a calculator to work these problems.
  2. Check your answer with the answer in the answer page. If you missed any, try to figure out where you made your mistakes. If you still can't figure it out, ask your parents, or get someone to help you.
  3. Give yourself a score on each unit as follows:
    • 1 point for each problem worked correctly
    • 2 points for problems which state "This problem is hard!"
    • 1/2 point for each problem worked incorrectly, but later corrected (don't erase, just correct your answer next to your old answer)

      Note: If your parents or anyone else helps you correct a problem, you STILL get the 1/2 point!!
  4. Be honest in your scoring.
  5. Get one of your parents to sign each unit as you complete it. (Parents: give your student encouragement as they complete each unit)
  6. After you have worked all units add up your total points and write the total on the cover page. (remember, 'worked' does not mean you have to work all problems)