The Radical Furniture Company makes wooden tables and chairs. The company employs carpenters and finishers to work on each item. The carpenters spend 4 hours working on each chair and 8 hours on each table. The finishers spend 2 hours on each chair and 1 hour on each table. There are 100 carpenters who work 40 hours each week and 32 finishers who also work 40 hours each week.


Now the Radical Furniture Company makes a profit of $30 on every chair and $40 on every table. Your job is to decide how many chairs and how many tables the Radical Furniture company should make in one week to earn the most profit. Remember, the number of chairs and tables that you make in one week cannot be more than 100 carpenters and 32 finishers can make.


Your response should be made on the back of this sheet in 3 parts:

  1. Restate the problem in your own words
  2. Investigate the problem. Try different solutions
  3. Tell us your conclusion and why you think it is best.


You have 40 minutes to complete this problem.