HIGHLINE SCHOOL DISTRICT   School:  __________________



                                                                                                                               Grade:  _________

Algebraic Sense (Functions and relationships)

                                                                                                                Team Number:  _________


1.         What is the next number in this sequence?

            1     3     7     15     31






2.         There are 40 students in music class.  Girls sing soprano and alto.  Boys sing alto and tenor.  There are 25 girls, 12 sopranos, and 11 tenors.  How many boys sing alto?







3.         Mario and Luigi were 500 miles apart on I-84 traveling toward each other.  If Mario was traveling 60 mph and Luigi was traveling at 50 mph, how far apart will they be an hour before they meet?







4.         Mr. Jones can cut a cord of wood in 2 days and his son can cut the same amount in 4 days.  In how many days can they cut a cord of wood if they are both working together?







5. In this figure, all the outside squares of a 3 x 3 square are shaded. One square is not shaded. If all the outside squares of an M x M square were shaded, express the number of shaded squares in terms of m. (How many squares of an M x M square are shaded?)