HIGHLINE SCHOOL DISTRICT                                               School:  __________________



                                                                                                                               Grade:  _________

Geometric Sense (Spatial Sense)

                                                                                                                Team Number:  _________


1.         ABCD is a rectangle with area equal to 36 square yards.  Points E, F, and G are midpoints of the sides on which they are located.  How many square yards are there in the area of triangle EFG?






2.         A circular hula hoop rolls down a hill.  If the hoop has a diameter of 2 feet and it makes 3 complete rotations as it rolls, how far does it roll?








3.         A square napkin with 8 inch sides has been folded in half 3 times.  What is the area of the folded napkin?








4.         Jason is building a cube with sides of 4 inches.  He uses smaller cubes of 1 inch per side to build the larger cube.  If he uses blue cubes for the inside of the larger cube, and red cubes for the outer faces of the larger cube, how many red cubes will he use?










5.         A trapezoid has 3 equal sides, and one side that is longer than the others.  If the unequal sides are parallel to each other, and one corner of the trapezoid has an angle of 80 degrees, how many degrees is angle A?