HIGHLINE SCHOOL DISTRICT                                               School:  __________________



                                                                                                                               Grade:  _________


                                                                                                                Team Number:  _________


1.         What are the dimensions of 5 boxes of different sizes that could each hold exactly 30 one-inch cubes?




___________    ___________    ___________    ___________    ___________ 


2.         When Thomas enters a pizza store, he notices that a circular pizza, 14 inches in diameter, costs $7 and a circular pizza, 16 inches in diameter, costs $12.  Which pizza is a better deal?






3.         Farmer Able has a rectangular field 60 by 40 meters.  Farmer Baker has a square field with the same perimeter.  How much larger is Farmer Baker's field in square meters?







4.         Spot and Rover are running a 600 meter dog race.  Spot runs 20 meters per minute and Rover runs 15 meters per minute.  How many minutes earlier than Rover will Spot finish? 







5.         ABCD  and  AFED  are squares with a common side AD of length 10 cm.  The arcs BD and DF are quarter circles.  How many square cm. are in the area of the shaded region?