School: ___________________

FIRST YEAR MATH OLYMPIAD April 7, 2001 Team No.____
Probability and Statistics

1). Find the mean, mode, median and range of the following set of Math test scores for a class:
   78  92  88  73  82  90  77  80  92  85  98  78  92

Mean: _____________Mode: ___________

Median: ___________Range: __________

2). What is the probability of drawing a spade or a red card out of a standard deck of 52 cards?


3). What is the probability of throwing a sum of 8,9,or 10 with a standard pair of dice?


4). I went shopping at Pike Street Market. I have a bag of fruit that I bought there. There are 6 kiwi fruits, 5 lemons and 8 tangerines in my bag. If I reach in my bag and randomly pull out a piece of fruit, what is the probability that it will not be a kiwi fruit?


5). My English grade is the average of 3 test scores. I have taken 2 tests and my scores were 86 and 88 on these tests. If I need an average of 90 to get an "A", what score (or better) do I need on my remaining test to get my "A"?