Year 2 Free Week #3 Lesson Plan

  1. (7 minutes)Explain how to solve a significant problem
    1. Organize students into teams of 4 (3 or 5 are OK). Assign a captain to each team.
    2. Explain how a significant problem is solved:
      1. Read the problem to UNDERSTAND what is being asked for
      2. Figure out a STRATEGY for working the problem
      3. COMMUNICATE by showing your work and telling us what you were thinking
      4. Check your answer to see if you have a REASONABLE RESULT. Try a different way of working the problem.
    3. Write these rules on the board (ahead of time):
      1. The team turns in 1 paper
      2. All writing is in complete sentences.
      3. Neatness counts.
      4. Show your work!
    4. Let students assign writing jobs among themselves.
  2. (30 minutes) Peanuts problem
    1. Hand out the problem
    2. Read and explain the problem
    3. Give HEAVY coaching and advice throughout. Make sure every team succeeds.
  3. (10 min) Quickly evaluate responses using the rubric.
    1. Use the rubric for evaluation.
    2. Explain to students what made some papers good.