4). (2 points each) Using x as your variable, write an expression for each of these phrases (I will do the first one for you!)

Phrase Expression
a). four times a number 4x
b). eight minus a number
c). a number divided by 2
d). half of a number
e). three times a number minus one
f). one less than a number
g). nine plus a number
h). a number increased by 9
i). a third of a number

5). (2 points each) First write an equation for each of these word problems.
Then solve it. (1 point for the equation, 1 for the answer)
I will write the first equation for you!

a). Three times my number minus one is 8. What is my number?
Equation: 3x - 1 = 8                x = ______

b). A number increased by 9 is 12. What is my number?

Equation: _________________________ x =______

c). If you divide my number by 2, you get 8. What is my number?

Equation: _________________________ x =______