12). (2 points) I have just flipped a coin 4 times and I got heads each time. What is the probability that i will get heads on the next roll?

Answer: __________

13). (2 points) I have 3 shirts, 4 pair of shoes, and 2 pair of pants. How many ways can I dress myself?

Answer: __________

14). (1 point each) How many ways can you reorder the letters in each of these words:
a). CAT _______

b). BARK _______

c). ENOUGH _______

15). (1 point each) How many 2-letter permutations are possible out of the following words:
a). ENOUGH _______

b). CANDY _______

c). BARN _______

16). (2 points) A club has 9 members. How many ways can the jobs of president and vice-president be filled?

Answer: __________

17). (2 points) My grandfather's farm has pigs and chickens. I counted 38 heads and 108 feet. How many chickens did he have?

Answer: __________