Lesson Plan # 3

  1. (5 min) Mental Math
    1. Start with 8, add 12, then subtract 5 [15]
    2. What is one-fourth of 20? [5]
    3. Start with 6, multiply by 9, then subtract 4 [50]
    4. Divide 24 by 6, then add 6 [10]
    5. Start with 44, subtract 33, then multiply by 2 [22]

  2. (5 min) Review of selected problems from Homework # 2 (<= 3 problems)
  3. (10 min) Discuss rectangles, squares and rectangle area.

    Rectangle definition: 4 sided figure with opposite sides parallel (=) and sides next to each other perpendicular(T).
    Square definition: A rectangle with equal sizes. Area: the number of small unit squares in a big square or rectangle.
    Area = length of one side X length of other side

    Get students to help you do these examples:

    Discuss units: Units are always "square somethings".

  4. (Remainder of class) In-class exercise

  5. Hand out homework to students as they successfully complete the in-class exercise.
Note: You can enhance the classroom discussion by bringing in an example of a square foot (a floor tile), a square inch (a postage stamp) or just paper cutouts. Use them to find the area of things in the classroom.