Year 1 Free Week #2 Lesson Plan

  1. Organize students into teams of 4 (3 or 5 are OK). Assign a captain to each team.
  2. Explain the following rules:
    1. There will be 2 quizzes, each 15 minutes long. (Do "NUMBER SENSE" first)
    2. Only 1 answer sheet will be turned in for each team. The Captain will turn this sheet in. The captain copies answers her teammates give her to each of the problems in the quiz when they solve them.
    3. No calculators, this time
    4. The captain makes sure each team member is working on a different problem. Let team members volunteer for each problem.
    5. First problem is the easiest, last problem is the hardest. The last problems are worth a lot more than the first problems, so look at the last ones first.
    6. At the "One minute to go" announcement (which you will make) the captain makes sure every problem has an answer.
    7. If time permits, every team member checks other answers on the Captain's answer sheet. Make sure answers seem 'reasonable' and that the units are correct.
  3. Start the first quiz no later than 15 minutes after class starts.
  4. After each quiz, explain the answer to each question. Ask students to solve problems on the board. Try to be quick about this.
  5. Add team scores on each test for a total team score. If you wish, award prizes (stickers, candy, etc.) to high scoring teams. Try to mix up the teams next time so the same students don't get all the rewards.
  6. No homework this week!
For the second session, use practice quizzes 3 and 4, unless you want to review fractions or do some other activity on your own. You might want to delete problem 4 of the "Make a Table" quiz, because it involves guess-and-check, a concept that we have not covered yet.