Year 2 Lesson Plan 1: Diagnostic Quiz, Factors Game (Juniper Green)

  1. (10 min) Class Organization

    1. Introductions, seating assignments

    2. Rules, times, when homework is due

    3. Materials student will need: pencil, paper, calculator

    4. General discussion of what class will cover. Plans for the future.

  2. (25 min) Diagnostic Quiz (15 questions to find out what students remember from last year)

  3. Remainder of hour: As the students finish the diagnostic quiz, they can play Juniper Green. The rules are as follows:

    Two players take turns crossing out one number from the playing board. The first move in the game must be an even number. Thereafter, each number must either be an exact multiple or an exact divisor of the previous player's choice. The first player who is unable to cross out a number loses.

    Make approximately 3 copies of the page for every pair of students who will play.

    This game was described by Ian Stewart in Scientific American, March 1997, "Mathematical Recreations", p. 118.