Year 2 Free Week #1 Lesson Plan

We say that "Mathematics is the language and science of patterns." The purpose of this lesson is to have some fun and to reinforce the need to draw pictures and make tables. This is to teach methodical thinking as an approach to finding paterns and solving problems.

The students can work individually or in small groups. There can be a reward (sticker, candy, star) for each kid who draws all 6 pictures or fills in all 6 tables.

There are 2 quizzes, each about 15 minutes long. Do "DRAW A PICTURE" first. You may give them the following hints.
  1. Draw a picture of the pen and ALL of the posts.
  2. Draw a line from youngest to oldest and put each kid on the line.
  3. Draw circles for bevels, dowels, and swivels, Put them inside of each other, and label how many there are of each.
  4. Draw points for teams and connect them with lines. Count the lines as you draw them.
  5. Draw cartoons of Sid and the tree and both their shadows. Is the tree larger or smaller than its shadow?
  6. Draw a map of the pool and the walkway. Label ALL the dimensions.

    After 15 or 20 minutes, call time and review the answers. Students can hold their answers up for others to see. No rewards are given for right answers unless there is also some sort of picture for each. Students pictures should look something like the following:







    The second quiz is "MAKE A TABLE" Tables have been supplied for each problem, but no rewards can be given unless the tables have been filled in.

    No homework this week!