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Digital is now the dominant tool in most of my assignments, but most archectural projects are still best shot on 4x5 film. This allows more control over focus and vertical correction and still provides the highest quality.

With interiors, I prefer to record the lighting as it was designed. I therefore tend to only add supplimental lights as needed. This takes more time and effort but the results are worth it.


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High-end Large Format Projects
The digital age is here but when nothing but the best quality is good enough there is still no economical replacement for large format film-based photography.

Digital Architecture Projects, suitable for many architecture projects, such as: brochures and web site applications. It's also great for projects that were due yesterday. Perfect, also, for out of town clients. Images can be prepared and sent the same day via email.

Sample Archtectural Images

I only have a few sample images on-line. More coming soon!

Please contact me I'd be happy to discuss any up-coming projects you need photographed.
Architectural Commercial Stock Fine Art
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