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I have two major personal on-going photo projects, my "Urban Blight" series, and my "Urban People" series. Both of these are shot on black & White film and I generally use a Hassleblad for these two projects. Both of these projects were started in the late '80 and continue to present.

I also do some oil painting and these too can be broke into two primary topics. Architectrual subjects and people.

The photo series are availible as custom prints, or cards; the paintings as originals or prints. Please contact me.


5218 20TH Avenue NW #210
Seattle, Washington 98115 USA
Tel. 206-522-8314

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B&W Urban Blight I'm not sure why but I am attracted to the darker side of America. Large cities such as Detroit, Philadelphia, Saint Louis, Chicago, all have areas we as Americans should be ashamed of; and ought to be doing something about. These are images shot mostly with a Hasselblad 500c/m.

Black & White Urban People Series I started this series in 1988 and have worked on it every year since. I started this series using a Plaubel Makina 6x7cm folding camera but switched to my Hasselblad 500cm for its quiter shutter (with the mirror pre-released). These are all taken with a wide angle lenses standing 3 feet from the subject. Ihave great fun with this project. I am constantly amazed just how close I can get to certain people and they don't notice I'm in their face! Tokyo was the most difficult city to photograph in. quite often I would be the only non-asian in the area so people noticed me and my camera like no other instance.

Oil Paintings I started painting after seeing images I knew I could never capture on film. I have had just a few painting classes, one on color theory/mixing and one on design. I decided early on I shouldn't take more classes as I liked the style I quickly developed and I didn't want some painting expert to correct all the mistakes I was (no doubt) making. I get a kick out of looking at my older paintings and I enjoy making new ones; that's what counts

Prints and Cards are available upon request. Please email me with the image number.

Photographic tips
. A few tips I would pass along: worry more about taking photos than what you take the photos with. Consider using techniques such as hyper-focus to control what you want to be in focus. Learn the Sunny-16 rule and switch off you auto-everything camera.

Studio Boina I am excited and proud to announce the opening of my gallery/work space/espresso bar; Studio Boina in downtown Ballard. A combination of gallery space, painting area, photo office, and espresso bar. When in Ballard do stop by (best to call first about opening times).

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