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  When Mom sold the farmstead, I moved the clematis from the east side of the house to Seattle. It seems to be doing OK.

  And you thought YOU had a bad day.

  Recent photos of the wall and front yard - 24-Oct-2003. OK. Not so recent.
Here's a page with links to all the photos.

  Links to some of my favorite places. More than that, actually, I don't keep bookmarks in my browser. Besides, I like to be able to get at my stuff when I'm at work or at a client's office. Here you'll find some mundane stuff (TV Guide, Seattle bus schedules), some exciting stuff (spacecraft tracking, home pages), and some unusual stuff (news of the weird, Firesign Theatre web ring, satire, news). Enjoy.

  Dads Book: The older we get, the more important family and heritage become to us. A while back, I met a 55 year old man who had been adopted, and who had just found his true birth records. He had never known his blood relations. I've always known mine, and until I met him, I had taken this knowledge for granted. Dad made a scrapbook out of all the old family pictures he could find, annotating each one in his own hand. He published a few copies. Here's a set of links to various pages in the book.

  Diary: Both my grandfathers served in World War I. Dad's dad, Andrew, kept a diary. At first, I tried to transcribe the words, but there were spots where I couldn't quite interpret it right. So I scanned in the pages detailing his travels.

  Sandy and I have been living in West Seattle since 1986. We rented for about a year before deciding to buy a house of our own. We found this house the first (and only) day we were in the market. Good thing, too, because the real estate market took off about six months later.

  Neighbor Tom (Quentin Construction) has done quite a bit of good work for us. He built us a new fence for the back yard and laid some patio block, rebuilt our front porch and remodeled the kitchen.

  I grew up on a family farm near Arlington, SD. Here's a picture I took about in the mid-70s. Not much has changed since then, except the lean is gone from the granary and some of the older trees have died back.

    We had this truck. It's a 1942 International that my Mom's dad bought new. It's been inside most of its life and only has about 52K miles on it. It was at the farm. We had the truck moved a while back. Here it is behind the Tahoe, and on the trailer. For more info, see the Binder Bulletin or Binderbooks.

    Do you know what "National Currency" is? Once upon a time, selected banks were given the right to print and distribute their own cash. Here are some examples of $10 bills that were issued by the bank in Arlington, SD. Bill #1, Bill #2, Bill #3