Matrix sitting on a desk  

Matrix: Our Friend for 20 Years

Matrix was a grey tabby cat. Her origins are a mystery: her mother disappeared one week, and when found, suddenly had kittens.

Before we got her, she used to be fed hot dogs a lot, and she loved them. Perhaps as a consequence of this, she was remarkably fat. As she grew, her proportions improved a bit. For most of her life she was solid, like a sumo wrestler. Once grown she no longer had any interest in hot dogs, but she loved tuna fish.

Around the time she turned 18, she developed high blood pressure, and went blind as a result. One day we noticed she was just sitting on the bed, not playing and not eating. We grew alarmed when we offered her some of her favorite treat, and she wasn't interested. The vet couldn't find anything wrong... but now, looking back, I think Matrix was just very depressed at finding herself blind. After a few days she started roaming the house, and she started eating again. But we noticed that now she was bumping into things.

Once we told the vet about her blindness, the vet figured everything out quickly. Matrix had high blood pressure, and as a result, she went blind. Her retinas, inside her eyes, detached and stopped working. The vet prescribed some medicine, and the medicine worked: Matrix's blood pressure became much lower.

She didn't recover her sight, but she learned to walk around the house anyway. Being blind didn't stop her from doing what she wanted to do. Her last two years with us, she mostly spent her time sleeping; but if she heard us in another room, she would often walk over to hang out with us. She used to sit with Denise when Denise was watching a movie. And every night she would and curl up next to us on our bed.

Matrix was born in 1987. We got her when she was just eight weeks old, and she was our friend for over 20 years! She had a long and happy life.

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