Unit 5707

Despite the lack of a sinister or memorable name, Unit 5707 has proven itself to be an effective group of soldiers. Born out of a need in the 1996 Lebannon action, 5707 provides pre-bombardment intel and post-bombardment bomb damage assesments. This duty was taken from Unit 5101, also known as Shaldag.

During the lebannon action, Lebannese terrorists took to launching long-range rockets from heavily populated areas. The global press made carpet bombings of these neighborhoods impossible and precision strikes against these groups mandatory. Unit 5707 was created to go in and locate these targets and ensure that no civilians were about.

Using advanced infra-red and low-light level imaging systems, 5707 would provide realtime BDA's (Bomb Damage Assesments) to pilots and command as well as point out fleeing vehicles and soldiers. If the situation warrants it (such as a terrorist headquarters that is now populated by very dead terrorists) members will search the wreckage for documents that might provide usefull intellignece.

5707 is based out of Palmahim Air Force Base and primarily operates in the Lebannese theatre. The unit is split into three to four teams, with seven or eight soldiers on each team. Members are armed with teh M-16 or M4 assault rifles, normally with the M203 grenade launcher fixed for added fire power.