Dutch Marines
7NL Special Boat Section

The Dutch 7NL SBS is roughly analogous to Britain's SBS teams. Indeed, they would be under British operational control during wartime. Their official name is the Amfibisch Verkennings Peloton. Within its ranks, the 7 NL SBS has several groups with different functions; the boating unit, the underwater unit, the insertion unit (using underwater vehicles and small, water-borne craft), and the anti-terrorist group. It has a complinent of 23 men and two officers.

The Dutch 7NL SBS team members use a wide array of weapons. Glock 17s or Browning High Power pistols are carried. UZI and the HK MP-5 family of submachine guns are used for close quarters battles. FN-FAL and HK G3 Rifles are carried and the Steyr SSG Sniping rifle is used for sniping purposes. Equipment such as rigid raider craft, Klepper canoes, and closed circuit breathing gear are used to insert.

During wartime, the 7 NL SBS would be utilized for intelligence gathering as well as sabotage missions. Currently the 7NL SBS is responsible for the security of Dutch passenger liners, ferries, and oil rigs.