Denmark's Jaegerkorpset is responsible for much of the Counter-Terrorist activities within Denmark. Jaegerkorpset is an elite Ranger Element within the Danish Army. The Danes are very careful about security, so little information about their Counter-Terrorist teams has been released.

However, it is known that Jaegerkorpset operators deploy with the MP5 submachine gun (primarily the suppressed versions). Snipers are equiped with the reliable HK PSG-1 7.62 sniper rifle.

The members of Jaegerkorpset are known to parachute from either CH-47 helicopters or C-130 cargo aircraft. On-target deliveries are performed by MD-500 helicopters. Jaegerkorpset operators are reputed to be able to supply near bulls-eyes on moving targets from these helicopters.

Most of the above information was found in "The Illustrated Guide to the World's Top Counter-Terrorist Forces" Samuel M. Katz ISBN 962-361-602-3 Buy it here.