Phillipine Special Forces Overview

*NOTE* These forces have recently been places under the command of ACTForce (Stands for "Armed Forces of the Philippines Counter Terrorist Force), a command similar to the U.S. JSOC.

1. The Philippine Army (PA) Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is now composed of the a) Scout Rangers b) Special Forces c) Psyops. SOCOM was launched this year. This new unit takes the place of PA SWBde which was disbanded more than ten years ago. Recently, new unit under PA SOCOM called "Alpha Two Zero" (A-20) was formed along the lines of Delta Force and is responsible for CT operations.

2. The Philippine Air Force (PAF) Aviation Security Command (AVSECOM) has ceased to exist, the responsibility has been turned over to the Philippine National Police Aviation Security Command (PASCOM). The PASCOM is responsible for security at the major airports. Counter Hijacking functions are the responsibility of the Special Operations Group (SOG) of the PASCOM. The SOG has trained alongside the Australian SAS and are equipped, trained and function in ASASR (TAG) aircraft counterhijacking methods.

3. The Philippine Navy (PN) Special Warfare Group is trained, equipped and functions in the same manner as US Navy Special Warfare. Philippine Navy SEALs undergo their own BUDS and wear a trident similar to their US Navy counterparts who have trained them in their own image. A joint PN SEAL and PM Recon unit operating directly under Naval Intelligence, the Special Reaction Group (SRG), is the local counterpart of SEAL Team Six (DEVGRP).

4. The Philippine Marines (PM) Force Recon trains alongside their USMC Force Recon brothers and operate in much the same way. Several members have received training in Shipboarding and Naval CQB.

5. The Philippine National Police (PNP) Special Action Force (SAF) is formed along the lines of the British SAS but have different recruitment and selection procedures. The SAF has received training from the US FBI, French RAID and the Israeli Ya'mam. The Anti- Terrorist Unit (ATU) of the PNPSAF is responsible for nationwide Police CT operations nationwide. Meanwhile, the regions have specially quipped and trained Regional Mobile Forces (RMF) which used to be the Light Reaction Unit (LRU) in Metro Manila and the Regional SAF (RSAF) in the provinces. All major cities have their own SWAT Teams.

6. The Presidential Security Group (PSG) which functions like the US Secret Service is actually a composite military command with police units attached to it. The PSG Special Reaction Group is the equivalent of the USSS "Cat Squad".