U.S.M.C. Recon
The U.S.M.C. itself is considered an elite fighting force. Recon groups are elite reconnaissance teams within the U.S.M.C. There are two varieties, Recon, and Force Recon. Force Recon's missions are analogous to the U.S. Navy SEALs, but they are not under SOCOM's command. Recon operates in strictly a reconnaissance role. In todays environment of shrinking budgets, a Recon Marine must be a jack of all trades.
Long-range reconnaissance and surveillance
T.R.A.P. (Tactical Recovery of Aircraft Personnel)
M.I.O. (Maritime Interdiction Operations)
Hydro-graphic surveys & beach reconnaissance
Small unit raids/selected prisoner snatches
Harbor reconnaissance
Underwater Searches
Evacuation of American civilians from hostile environments (countries)

Weapons used include:
M9 Pistol
M-40 Sniper Rifle
M-249 SAW

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Force Recon Association address:

Force Recon Association
Suite 1775
3784-B Mission Ave
Oceansice, CA 92054