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Here are some of the materials I've used in writing these pages. Many of these are a must for anyone interested in studying special forces groups.

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Large Format Books

"The SAS Escape, Evasion, & Survival Manual" Barry Davies BEM ISBN0-7603-0302-9
"SAS; Great Britain's Elite Special Air Service" Leroy Thompson ISBN 0-87938-940-0
"US Navy SEALs" Hans Halberstadt ISBN 0-87938-781-5
"Navy SEALs in Action" Hans Halberstadt ISBN 0-87938-993-1
"Inside the US Navy SEALs" Gary Stubblefield and Hans Halberstadt ISBN 0-87938-993-1
"US Navy SEALs in Colour Photographs" Robert Genat ISBN 1-85915-000-4
"Delta; America's Elite Counterterrorist Force" Terry Griswold ISBN 0-87938-615-0
"Special Warfare, Special Weapons" Kevin Dockery ISBN 1-883476-00-3
"America's Special Forces" David Bohrer ISBN 0-7603-0366-5
"Israeli Special Forces" Samuel M. Katz ISBN 0-87938-715-7
"The Illustrated Guide to the World's Top Counter-Terrorist Forces" Samuel M. Katz ISBN 962-361-602-3 Concord Pubs
"The British 22nd SAS Regiment" Villard Military Series ISBN 0-394-74405-5


"SPEC OPS Case Studies in Special Operations Warfare: Theory and Practice" William H. McRaven ISBN 0-89141-544-0
"The Commandoes" Douglas C. Waller, ISBN 0-440-22046-7
"To Fight With Intrepity...The Complete History of the US Army Rangers 1622 to Present" John D. Lock ISBN 0-671-01528-1
"Fortune Favors the Bold: A British LRP with the 101st" James Walker ISBN 08041-1600-8
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"Brave Men, Dark Waters" Orr Kelly, ISBN 0-671-86762-8
"Good to Go" Harry Constance & Randall Fuerst ISBN 0-380-72966-0
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"The Men Behind the Trident, SEAL Team 1 in Vietnam" Dennis J. Cummings ISBN 0-553-57928-2
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US Marine Corps
"Inside Force Recon" Michael Lee Lanning
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ISRAELI Special Forces
"The Night Raiders; Israel's Naval Commandos at War" Samuel M. Katz ISBN 0-671-00234-1.


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